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About Us

Promoting a holistic approach to fertility care.

New Jersey Natural Family Planning (NJNFP) Group is dedicated to the promotion of Natural Family Planning (NFP). We believe that NFP elevates the dignity of women and men, enhancing their physical, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing. The NFP approach to fertility care is scientifically proven, environmentally and economically sound, and widely embraced by many faiths and medical professionals. We believe that couples who practice NFP have stronger, healthier marriages and families.

Our Vision
To advance cultural awareness of Natural Family Planning and the important role it plays in healthy fertility management.

Our Goals
To advocate modern NFP methods that assist couples in achieving or postponing pregnancy by scientifically identifying the fertile phase of a woman’s cycle. We’re accomplishing this by:

  1. Maintaining an up-to-date website containing useful information on NFP
  2. Advertising and supporting NFP classes available in NJ
  3. Creating and distributing NFP literature and information
  4. Sponsoring informational seminars for the general public
  5. Sponsoring continuing education for NFP teachers and users
  6. Developing a network of NFP instructors, promoters, healthcare professionals, clergy and user couples