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What is Natural Family Planning?
How NFP Works

While each particular method of modern NFP varies in its specific guidelines, they are all based on the same fundamental scientific understanding of a woman’s fertility cycle. There are biological markers or signs that must occur in every healthy, fertile woman that are easily observed, charted, and interpreted.

Fertility Awareness
NFP instruction teaches a wife to observe her body signs, a husband to chart them, and together how to interpret them. Fertility awareness becomes a part of the marriage giving the couple a language to communicate the profound meaning of sex, sexual desire, children, and their love.

NFP instruction also helps a couple identify the most fertile and least fertile days of the woman’s cycle. This allows couples to plan ahead and determine for themselves when they wish to achieve or postpone pregnancy.

Achieve or Postpone Pregnancy
If a couple wishes to achieve a pregnancy, they should have intercourse during the days the woman is fertile. If they wish to postpone or avoid a pregnancy, they should simply abstain from intercourse and any genital contact during that fertile period.

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