What is NFP?

Achieve or postpone pregnancy naturally.

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Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a modern, scientific method of fertility awareness. It is based on the ability to determine the naturally-occurring window of fertility in a woman’s menstrual cycle by detecting certain body changes that occur around the time of ovulation in all healthy, fertile women.

As a family planning method, modern NFP:

  • calls for shared husband and wife responsibility
  • requires the couple to communicate
  • is based on scientific research
  • treats each fertility cycle as unique and teaches a couple to observe their signs of fertility on a daily basis
  • has no harmful side effects
  • is effective for those wanting to achieve or postpone pregnancy
  • can be used throughout life—postpartum, breast-feeding and perimenopause
  • is virtually cost free
  • builds strong marriages

Other benefits include:

  • marriage enrichment and mutual understanding
  • effectiveness for spacing or limiting pregnancy
  • no harmful side effects
  • useful throughout the reproductive life cycle
  • appreciation for the blessings of every child
  • greater respect for and acceptance of the total person
  • morally sound
  • low cost